Blog By thomasa on 28 February 2016

4 Active Lifestyle Secrets

active lifestyle secrets

If you live an active lifestyle or want to start, you know exercise and nutrition are both important aspects of this kind of life. Here are four secrets to help you make the most of this lifestyle. 

  1. Short Bursts of Activity are Okay

To maintain an active lifestyle, you must work at it every day. Sometimes life gets in the way to prevent you from going to the gym or attending that exercise class. Don’t let it get you down or stress you out. Just 30 minutes of activity every day is enough to help you see results. If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare at one time on some days, break it up. Even 10 minutes done three times a day will help you feel good.  

Take 10 minutes first thing in the morning, at lunch, and then at the end of the day to get involved in some type of exercise, even just brisk walking. You’ll feel better and keep going until you can find time to do more.  

  1. Small, Portion-Controlled Meals are the Key

Maintain healthy portions for all of your meals to prevent weight gain or that sluggish feeling. Instead of eating just two or three meals, schedule 5-8 mini meals throughout the day. You’ll never feel hungry and will continue to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform tasks.  

When you eat more often, you continue to fuel your body to maintain energy levels. Your metabolism doesn’t slow down, which means you feel better and continue to burn calories.  

  1. Focus on Vitamins and Minerals

Make sure you choose nutritious foods that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals for your meals. A well-balanced diet includes foods from all of the major food groups. A person who is active needs more of certain nutrients than one who is sedentary.  

For example, you need more protein if you lift weights. Runners often need to consume more healthy carbs to give them the fuel they need.  

  1. Mix Things Up

Keep your body alert by mixing up your activities. Instead of walking or running every day, try a new exercise class such as spinning or yoga. You’ll work your body in new ways and keep it functioning at its best. Mixing up your routine and adding new activities benefits your mind as well as your body. It’s easy to get into your comfort zone and stay there, but it’s more fun to try something new. Even just changing the time you work out can have positive benefits. It keeps your mind alert as well as your body.  

Maintaining an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or boring with these four secrets. Try them and you’ll quickly discover how easy it can be to make good decisions about your health and fitness. Whether you are ready for a change or just getting started with your new lifestyle, implement these secrets and see how they can help you with your goals.