Blog By marketingteam on 3 August 2017

6 Types of Tomato Sauce You Need to Try

Who doesn’t love pasta?

It’s an easy-to-make dish that doesn’t cost much and can feed a lot of people. However, it’s easy to get bored of eating pasta with the same flavor of sauce every single time.

In this article, we will explore several types of tomato sauce that will add variety and flavor to all of your pasta meals. We’ve compiled a list of six different types of tomato sauce so that you will never get bored eating pasta again.

Six Types Of Tomato Sauce

  1. Marinara

Marinara is the old standby of tomato sauces. It’s a classic italian sauce of tomato, onion, garlic and other delicious spices. Many people have a family marinara recipe but in the end, they’re all variations of a basic recipe. You can find a basic marinara recipe here.

  1. Pomodoro

The pomodoro is an even more basic tomato sauce. It’s simplicity gives it a slightly different taste from marinara that can be quite refreshing. You can find a good pomodoro recipe here.

  1. Bologne

Unlike marinara and pomodoro, bologne sauce is a hearty, meaty sauce. It’s also known as Bolognese. Bologne contains ground beef, onion, pork, carrots, celery and other spices and flavors. Make bologne if you’re trying to make a protein heavy dish that will stick to your stomach for a while. You can find an excellent bologne recipe here.

  1. Vodka Sauce

Vodka sauce is called that for an obvious reason, it contains vodka. You can technically get drunk while eating pasta with vodka sauce, but if you cook it properly, it’s highly unlikely that you will feel any effects at all. Vodka sauce is a rich and creamy sauce that has a bit of a flavor kick to it. It contains onion, tomatoes, butter, cream and of course, vodka. You can find a basic vodka sauce recipe here.

  1. Puttanesca

Puttanesca sauce is an incredibly fragrant tomato sauce that combines the flavors and textures of tomatoes, onions, black olives, anchovies, capers and other spices. Homemade puttanesca can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days before it spoils. It has a unique flavor that will not become boring for quite some time. Puttanesca has a robust flavor that adults will likely enjoy more than little children. Find a great puttanesca sauce recipe here.

  1. Carbonara

Okay, carbonara is not technically a type of tomato sauce, and although some carbonara purists will disagree, you could always add diced tomatoes to your carbonara sauce if you really wanted to incorporate them into the recipe. Carbonara is a delicious sauce with olive oil, bacon, garlic, eggs and cream. You can find a basic carbonara sauce recipe here.


Pasta in a great dish with a rich and delicious history. There is no reason why one has to settle for only one type of pasta or only one type of sauce when there is such a variety available to choose from.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to expand your sauce palate and explore some new types of tomato sauce.