Blog By marketingteam on 24 February 2017

Accelerated Weight Loss

A healthy lifestyle should be a priority for everyone. Especially in a time when healthy food is seemingly harder to come by than ever, and restaurants and grocery stores are filled to the brim with processed and additive-filled foods. And while general health—rather than weight loss—should be your number one goal, at a time when obesity rates are higher than ever, it is certainly a worthy pursuit. There are no disadvantages to a general desire to better monitor the food that you are putting into your body.

Accelerated Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why you may need to look into accelerated weight loss, whether it is in preparation for an important surgery, or as a response to dangerously high cholesterol, diabetes or heart disease, sometimes it is important to lose weight quickly. It should be noted however, that any accelerated weight loss should be undertaken only at the advice of your doctor, and with the guidance of a professional.

Luckily, whether you want to lose a little or a lot of weight, lose it fast, or are simply just looking for a convenient way to make your lifestyle a more healthy, sustainable one, IONutrition’s organic meal delivery service can provide you with a solution.

Eating “Clean”

Many people have been embracing the concept of “eating clean” in recent years. Simply put, to eat clean just means that you are practicing generally healthy eating habits, and consuming food in the way in which in naturally occurs—or at least, as close to that as possible. In order to eat clean, you must avoid overly processed foods, extra additives, GMOs, preservatives, trans fats, and so on.

To eat clean, you have to become very aware of the ingredients of each meal that you eat. That is why IONutrition comes with a guarantee that each of our meals is 100 percent organic, fitting perfectly with whichever level of “clean” eating you wish to undertake. They are also nutrient dense, giving your body the energy that it needs each day.

As well as helping people who are looking to have a healthy diet in a general sense, our meal plans can also be tailored to suit other, more specific popular diets. Here are a few that work well with our service.

High Protein Diet

For those looking to build muscle and lose fat through a high protein diet, IONutrition provides specifically tailored protein plus plans. These have a focus on lean proteins and high energy to sustain your active lifestyle. You can also personalize each plan to suit your tastes and interests.

Paleo Diet

Another popular diet in recent years, the paleo diet has a “back to basics” focus on eating only foods that would be found during the paleolithic period. Our plans mesh well with this sort of a diet, and we can provide you with meal plans that fit it perfectly.

Gluten Free

While not everyone has a gluten intolerance, many opt to lessen or avoid it altogether in their diets. It can seem nearly impossible to find a comprehensive one-stop-shop for gluten free living, and if you suffer from an allergy, there are few options in stores that are totally free of it. That is why all of our meals, and the facilities in which we prepare them, are completely gluten free.


We also know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy and nutritious, but completely vegetarian diet. That is why we also provide a plethora of vegetarian options, so that you too can enjoy a convenient and varied meal plan without compromising your vegetarian diet.

Whatever your reason for overhauling your diet, and whatever the path or plan you intend to take to get there, IONutrition has an option for you. It is our goal to provide you with a convenient and easy way to keep up with your goals, and live the healthy lifestyle that you deserve—without any of the hassle or extra money that so often prevents people from maintaining one. So take a browse through our different options today, and see how you can choose or customize a meal plan that will suit your dietary needs perfectly.