Blog By thomasa on 17 February 2016

The Most Expensive Isn’t The Best, Here’s Why

cost effective meal delivery

Cost Effectively Meal Delivery

A good food delivery service needn’t always be an expensive option for your healthy eating plan. It’s been a general rule-of-thumb that preparing your own nutritious meals at home has been the cheapest way to put food on your plate, but the game has changed. Meal delivery services offer extremely competitive pricing for their “convenience food”, and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable good quality, nutritious meals can be.

But with all the variety out there, it’s easy to assume that you “pay for what you get”. In many cases though, the most expensive options aren’t actually the best. With increasingly easy access to fresh ingredients, there’s often no reason to pay more for a food delivery service. Here’s why:

Equal Access to Quality, Fresh Ingredients

As many food delivery programs will advertise, a distinct advantage they offer is the freshness and variety of their ingredients. Obviously, it’s in their best interest to say this, as the freshness and quality of food is one of the biggest struggles the take-away food industry – their major competitor – faces. Many of the more expensive meal providers will justify their high-cost meals with the claim that their ingredients are “fresh from the farm” or “hand-picked, fresh from the market to you”. But the reality is that to stay in business, all quality meal delivery companies must source their produce to the highest level of freshness as standard. There’s too much competition not to, and this is great news for you as the consumer. You don’t need to go with the most expensive meal delivery provider just to get fresh ingredients. If you’re comparing local companies (which is another way to ensure fresher and better-priced meals), then it’s likely they’re using the same supplier for their produce anyway. If you’re looking for the best meal delivery program, go on reputation, not on price.

You Can Customize Meals

Almost all food delivery services provide a number of plans, and some even offer the flexibility of build-your-own meal options. If you’re looking at an expensive meal delivery option and wondering if that’s all there is, then make sure you’re not paying for something you don’t need. Sometimes it’s better to choose an option which gives you the flexibility to choose fewer items, alternative protein sources, and change the frequency of meal deliveries. Whether you want a snack delivered daily when you need it most, or a full blown meal plan provided for a true ‘no frills’ experience, the ability to customize your meal plan can quickly add up to real savings each month, and more expensive options may not provide this ability. 

Money (Generally) Means Meat

High quality protein is the most expensive component of food. Much of this protein requires refrigeration to prevent bacterial growth – especially for raw, uncooked meat. There is a higher inherent cost to manufacture and deliver meals that contain these “high-maintenance” proteins. Many of the more expensive food delivery programs include meat-based protein as standard, but is this what you really want? You can reduce the price of meal delivery to your home considerably by opting to have one or two vegetarian meals a week in place of the normal meat-laden options. Consider trying high-protein vegetables such as broccoli (which has the highest protein content of all vegetables!) and mushrooms, or even vegetable protein replacements such as lentils, tofu, and tempeh. So, although you may think you’re getting the best meal when you pay a more expensive price, check that you’re not just paying for expensive meat protein first.

There’s More to Good Food Than Price

When it comes to picking the best meal delivery service for your home, it pays to have a wider perspective than on price only. As highlighted, quite often the most expensive option isn’t the best one for you. Consider the facts behind the marketing, and look for flexibility in your meal configuration as a start, and don’t be afraid to ask if you can’t find the answer. After all, a well-informed decision is frequently the right one in the long-run.