Blog By thomasa on 9 February 2016

Looking For More Energy in the Mornings? Drink Lemon Tea

benefits of lemon tea

The Benefits of Lemon Tea

Are you having troubles getting out of your bed in the mornings? Do you constantly feel sleepy? It’s a common issue nowadays, with all the stress in our lives. However, there are ways to boost your energy levels naturally and without much effort. One of the most important factors in this regard is the way you start your day. Most people drink coffee, but there are better alternatives. Preparing a mix of honey and lemon with warm water each morning before eating breakfast is a natural energy hit to start your day. This drink has multiple benefits for your health, and will help you start your day vitalized and ready for action!

Lemon tea’s number of advantages offer plenty of reasons to turn to nature for that energy boost in your morning.

Lemon Tea Gives You Energy

All three ingredients – lemon, honey, and warm water – are both helpful for your body and boost your energy. The water helps you restore the fluids you lost during your sleep. Honey can provide lots of energy and doesn’t have too many calories, and lemon affects your mood in a positive way. The combination leads to an increased vitality and better body condition for the whole day ahead. You’ll forget about exhaustion and sleepiness in no time. Some people go as far as claiming they’ve become a morning person after regularly drinking honey, lemon, and water. Even if this isn’t the case with you, the overall improvement of your energy levels is certainly achievable.

How to Prepare a Lemon Tea

Making lemon tea is super simple. The most common way to prepare it is to get a large glass and fill it with hot water, and add the juice of about a quarter of a lemon with a teaspoon of honey. Mix it well and you’re ready to go.

Other Health Benefits of Lemon Tea
Helps You Lose Weight

If you are overweight and trying to do something about it, you have another reason to start your day with lemon tea. The combination of water, honey, and lemon boosts your metabolism, so you burn calories faster. This is a 24/7 benefit as your body will be more efficient in removing the excessive fat. Of course, you won’t lose weight by just drinking honey, lemon, and water in the mornings, but it can be a helpful part of your whole routine. Combine it with some exercise and a healthy food regime, and watch the fat fall away.

Improves Your Digestion

You’ll be surprised how many people have digestion issues nowadays. The main reasons are irregular meals, junk food, and stress. The mix of water, honey, and lemon in a lemon tea is a great way to prevent these problems. Lemon is good for your liver, as it encourages the production of bile. Bile assists your digestive system in processing complex foods much better. Honey is also helpful for your digestion, as it relieves the symptoms of minor infections you might have. The whole mix also creates a better environment in your stomach and colon so the digestion of food you eat is improved.

Boosts Your Immune System

Honey is an immune system booster, as it has the ability to fight bacteria in your stomach. Lemon also consists of vitamins, minerals, and other useful ingredients that lift your immune system. This improves your body’s capability of protecting itself. Many people who consume honey, lemon, and water claim that they almost never get sick. There are no major scientific experiments to confirm this, but there is certainly no harm in trying this simple energy drink in the mornings for yourself.

It Has Detox Effects

Lemon tea is very efficient at removing toxins from the body, promoting a natural detox effect. Lemon contains citric acid which boosts the work rate of your liver, and contributes to a more regular flushing of your organs.

Improves Oral Health

Another great benefit of lemon tea is that it improves your oral health. Bad breath is removed almost instantly. Also, lemon activates salivary glands which cleanse your mouth from bacteria. The other ingredients will help you remove food remains from your mouth and clear your throat in the morning. You can forget about bad breath, once and for all!

Lemon tea is a great way to naturally get more energy in the mornings. With a number of positive health effects, you can expect to benefit from higher energy levels, better digestion, a stronger immune system, and many more positive effects. So, so easy; lemon tea is a must for your morning routine.