Blog By thomasa on 22 November 2016

Meal Planner Template: Some of the Best Options Online

Meal Plans

Most of us have incredibly hectic lifestyles. In fact, some people are so busy that it can become a struggle to even remember to eat, let alone plan and cook proper meals. Such chaotic lifestyles however, only add to the importance of making sure that we do just that. When you are stressed or over-stretching yourself, your health is usually the first thing to take a hit.

As such, it is even more important that you take time to eat proper, healthy meals. And how do you make sure that you do this? You plan them.

It may sound like something that will require an awful lot of effort, perhaps taking even more time out of your already busy week but actually, when you know where to find the right resources, you will find that most of the hard work has already been done for you, all by the kind people of the internet. If you know where to look online, you will find not only meal suggestions, but actual meal planner templates that you can fill in and use yourself.

Perhaps you don’t feel as though your life is busy enough to warrant using a meal planner template? Here are a few other reasons why it will help you out:

Health—when you don’t plan out your meals, you are far more likely to rely on eating out and snacking, both of which are not conducive to a healthy diet.

Money—you are also more likely to save yourself money when you carefully plan out each meal at the beginning of the week. It will allow you to prevent yourself from impulse purchases at the grocery store, as well as saving money on eating out.

Variety—you may also be surprised at how much meal planning helps you to expand your horizons. As you think carefully about each meal, and become a more confident cook, you will soon find yourself experimenting and trying out new exotic and healthy dishes.

All of these are also good reasons as to why organic meal delivery goes hand in hand with meal planning, as it adds to both convenience and good health.

Now that you are (hopefully) convinced of the importance of planning out your meals, it is time to get started! Luckily, we have found some of the best daily meal planner templates out there, and collected them right here for you. Read on for a list of some meal planner templates that you can either access online or print out and customize as needed.

Health and Fitness-Focused Plans

Whether you are implementing a new fitness regime and diet, or have new health-related dietary requirements, you might be looking for a more health-focused meal plan. Here are some templates that will help with this:

WebMD allows you to enter your own details and health goals, and receive a personalized meal plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals. has a number of wellness templates to choose from for use on various Microsoft Office programs.

As with WebMD, Team Beach Body provides personalized meal plans for health and fitness, as well as a choice from pre-made plans, such as low carb, vegetarian or active lifestyle.

Family Planning

Sometimes you just need a template that is simple but effective, allowing you to fill in your meal plans for you and your family each week as well as your shopping list, breaking everything down by food group.

The Project Girl has two great examples of this kind of meal planner template.

Another good template can be found at Organized Home.

Beyond the Template

If you don’t even want to have to plan your specific meals yourself, this blogger provides bi-weekly healthy meal plans, with the meal suggestions already filled in.

You can also find suggestions for each food group with this plan from the USDA.

There are also tons of good meal planning apps, so if you are looking for something to just use on your phone, one of these will do the trick.

Now you have a ton of great meal planner templates to choose from. Try a few out, fill them in, figure out which kind works best for you, and start your healthy lifestyle right now!