Blog By thomasa on 13 June 2017

Overlooked Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where everyone rushes out to stores to take advantage of super-great, pre-holiday deals. Stores open early in the morning as people, still full of turkey, roll in the front door looking for the best Black Friday deals on TVs, computers and other must-have electronics. The following Monday is known as Cyber Monday which is the online equivalent of Black Friday.

When most people think of good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, they often think of big screen TVs. During Black Friday 2016, Target sold 3,200 TVs per minute for the first hour of sales. But this year doesn’t need to be a repeat of Black Friday 2016. There are so many other deals you can score this Black Friday 2017 aside from a new TV. We’ve compiled a list of excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that you may have never thought to look for in the first place. We hope this list will make Black Friday 2017 your best Black Friday on record.



If there’s one thing most guys don’t know but all women know as the gospel truth it’s that makeup is incredibly expensive. Yet somehow, no one ever thinks to look for makeup deals on Black Friday. If you know where to look, you can buy a ton of makeup that’ll last you for the greater part of the upcoming year.

For example, you can buy this Rainbow Mermaid Brush and Makeup Black Friday Deal for 50 percent off. When you get makeup half off, you can pull off every new hipster fashion trend that’s available on the Internet.


Meal Plans

That’s right, one of the best deals you can get on Black Friday 2017 is a meal plan. Companies like IONutrition create ready-to-eat meals that are both healthy and great-tasting. They usually have great Black Friday deals worth exploring. IONutrition has a great selection of vegetarian, protein and paleo type meal plans. From granola to Spanish tomato parsley rice with chicken to coconut bali veggies with brown rice, IONutrition has a little something for everyone. At IONutrition, they take all of the thinking out of eating. They just send you prepackaged meals and you eat.

Just imagine, this Black Friday, you can eat healthier for less money or you can get a new TV that’ll be out-of-date in six months. This Black Friday, you should definitely save more money on tasty, healthy, organic food.


Rosetta Stone

Habla Espanol? No?

Well, if you ever wanted to learn another language, language-learning software programs like Rosetta Stone can help you become fluent. The problem is that Rosetta Stone can be really expensive. However, what most people don’t know is that Rosetta Stone has great Black Friday deals. Keep an eye out for fluency at half the normal cost.


Exercise Equipment

It’s amazing how expensive ropes, barbells and other exercise equipment can get. Instead of buying a new TV to sit in front of sedentarily, take advantage of Black Friday 2017’s exercise equipment deals. You can get a set of Enkeeo Resistance Suspension Workout Straps for over 30 percent off. Save money, do something productive and lose weight. Exercising will likely help you accomplish at least one of 2018’s New Year’s Resolutions.


Pillows, Beds, and Sheets

You know what’s surprisingly expensive? Everything you use to sleep. And if you want high-end pillows or nice foam mattress you’re going to have to pay even extra. The average memory foam pillow costs 60 dollars or more. If you want to up your sleep game, Black Friday is the time to do just that. There are a bunch of sleep related Black Friday deals worth your time some deals are over 50 percent off.



If you’re looking for a new washing machine or microwave, no one is stopping you from taking advantage of those Black Friday deals. But in reality, most people don’t need to buy some big fancy-pants electronics system every year. Especially if you got one during Black Friday 2016 last year. For all of you who think the Black Friday 2017 is going to be a bust for you, we hope this list opens your mind to new possibilities. There are some very real and useful Black Friday deals out there that everyone can take advantage of.

Now, go enroll in a healthy meal plan and try to learn a new language.