Blog By thomasa on 7 June 2016

LATEST PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY – taking freshness to a new level

Product packaging is constantly evolving.  Most of the time, companies  make packaging upgrades to improve the look and feel of a product, giving it a more modern appeal.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with aesthetic upgrades, most  packaging upgrades are just that, aesthetic.  Every once in a while however, a new packaging technology comes along that not only improves the look, but opens new doors for products and services that were not possible before.

Here are a few reasons why we believe our new skin film technology will change the face of home meal delivery as we know it today:

1) NEW FRESH PRODUCTS THAT LAST:  Fresh meals with raw ingredients that can stay market-fresh and crisp in your refrigerator for 10+ days!  Say hello to affordable weekly delivered juice kits, salads, and more… Ready to consume, and always at your finger tips.  Many delivery services do not deliver raw ingredients and those that do are forced  to make multiple deliveries per week.  Still, meals delivered with raw ingredients, such as lettuce lettuce, will quickly oxidize, turn brown, become mushy and/or sour  even with the advent of most modern oxygen reduction systems.  New skin film technology allows for a near perfect vacuum seal that does not crush delicate ingredients.  Instead raw ingredient can stay pristine far longer while refrigerated.

2) SPACE SAVING AND ORGANIZATION:  Skin film sealed meal trays take up less space.  In transit to your doorstep, that means a more compact package and ultimately a smaller carbon footprint.  In your refrigerator, it means enough protection to stack several meals while still taking up less room.  This means your entire week of meals becomes more visible.  Combine this with clever use of labeling and you can easily separate your meals by category and pick the one you’re looking for at a glance. No more shuffling meals around to find what you want.

3) INCREASED SHELF LIFE: Better protection and less oxygen means longer shelf life for fresh meals in your refrigerator.  Previous oxygen reduction technology allowed for 1% or less oxygen content in a sealed tray.  For meal plan customers, that meant expiration dates about 10 days past delivery.  This new technology allows for 30% better performance in oxygen reduction.

4) PRESENTATION:  It may not be as practical but it’s still important!  We eat with our eyes first.  Imagine a beautifully laid out plate for your next meal.  Now imagine an entire week’s worth delivered right to you.  This new skin film is incredibly strong which means virtually no movement in transit. Unfortunately, rough handling is always a possibility…  no longer a problem!  This new technology means, every small piece of herb and chopped vegetable will stay perfectly in place from the moment it leaves the kitchen, to the moment it arrives at your door.