Blog By marketingteam on 3 May 2017

Slicing Meat Against The Grain

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Imagine you had a good piece of hanger steak that you wanted to cook. Hanger steak is known for having amazing flavor, and you don’t want to mess it up making the final product tough and chewy. You want every aspect of this meat to turn out perfect, right?

One of the best things you can do to preserve the soft, tenderness of this cut is properly slicing the meat. Slicing hanger steak the right way will make the end product so much better tasting. In this article, we’ll talk about why slicing meat against the grain is the best method to preserve your meat and how to do it.


Why Slicing Meat Against The Grain Matters

When you’re slicing hanger steak, or any other cut of meat, it’s important to cut against the grain. Slicing meat against the grain is important because it cuts across the muscle fibers in the meat. When it comes to chewing and digesting meat, your body has the hardest time cutting through those muscle fibers. When you cut against the grain, you’re actually doing that work for your digestive system. That’s why it seems like your meat is so much more tender after slicing meat against the grain, because your body has to do less work to consume it.


How To Slice Against The Grain

So if you’re slicing hanger steak, how exactly do you slice against the grain? If you look carefully at a piece of meat, you’ll see that there are faint lines running up and down the meat in one direction. That’s the grain. Muscle is used for pulling or pushing and therefore the fibers only really go one direction. All you have to do is make your cuts run perpendicular to those grain lines.

Think of it similarly to how you’d cut a carrot. It’s likely that you wouldn’t cut long thin carrot strips but would instead cut widthwise to create small rings. It’s the same with meat. After the meat has been properly cooked simply cut the grain lines in half. This is a really simple, yet effective way to enhance the tenderness of your meat no matter the cut.

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