Blog By marketingteam on 26 May 2017

Tips for Cutting Citrus Fruits into Wedges

Whether you are planning a fancy brunch, happy hour, some fresh guacamole, or simply want to pack some healthy snacks, mastering cutting citrus fruits into wedges is a must. Let’s get back to the basics so that you can be a great host when it comes around to it! Tips and tricks to cleanly and efficiently cut citrus fruits into wedges:

All you will need is a cutting board, a good quality sharp knife, and well-washed organic citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit – whatever your heart desires! A sharp knife is important when cutting (especially fruits) because if you are working with a dull knife, it will squeeze the fruit juice out and mishape your citrus.

First things first, remove the stickers! No one wants to bite into a sticker on a piece of fruit or see it on their garnish. Second, wash well. Now, cut the ends off your lemon, lime, etc. and then cut it in half, from end to end. Rather than cutting across the width of the fruit, but from one pointy end to the other. Turn the halves cut-side down on your cutting board. Using your knife, make 2-3 cuts through each citrus half. If you make 2 cuts, you’ll have 6 wedges per piece of fruit. Lastly, take your knife and trim away the white stuff, and then use the blade to sweep or pick any seeds. If using as a garnish, cut a slit into the fruit so it can perch on the lip of a glass. Wa-la you have a fresh lemon wedge for your water, tea, or cocktail!

At IONutrition, we remove the hassle of cooking. We send you fresh, organic meals right to your doorstep. All you will have to do is simply heat up the meal how you prefer, and spirits a freshly cut lemon wedge on top (know that you know to cut them!) if you desire.