Blog By thomasa on 18 February 2016

Try 15 Minutes of Meditation For These Profound Effects

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

You wake up, grab your morning coffee, get the kids rushed off to school, then set off for work. A busy start already. Once at the office, you sit down to work only to find that your mind is buzzing between your to do list, work KPI’s, what you’re having for dinner that evening, and the annoying Facebook post you read while waiting for the kids – all at once!

If this sounds familiar to you, then maybe it’s time you considered meditation to quiet your busy mind. Even 15 minutes of meditation can have profound effects on the quality of your life and can be a powerful remedy for the dreaded busy mind. And there’s no better time to meditate than in the mornings, before the craziness begins. Mornings are a gift. It’s the only time you have that can be truly yours – uninterrupted and free from the obligations that the “to-do” list commands from you. So, if you’ve never tried 15 minutes of morning meditation, then why not now?

How Meditation Will Change Your Life

There’s plenty of benefits to be gained through a daily meditation practice. If you haven’t already tried it, you can look forward to:

Relief from anxiety: Meditation allows you to gather your thoughts and to think clearly, recognising what’s important and what’s just noise. Many times anxiety can be driven by our never-ending to-do’s and commitments, so the time removed from this pressure has profound effects on your mental health.

Providing clearer thoughts: It’s like sorting out the trash in your mind. When you use meditation to teach your mind to relax, you’re able to more clearly identify thoughts which are disruptive and actually preventing your progress.

Patience: A recognised effect of 15 minutes of meditation is a learned ability to be patient. Since, in many cases, you’re learning to accept nothingness, your mind becomes more comfortable with not having what it wants right now.

Slowing down reaction to stimulation: There’s impatience, and then there’s an impulsive desire to react FAST in case you miss out. Unfortunately, consumerism has taught us this most disruptive tendency, and meditation is able to effectively teach calmness in the mind which you can use in situations of impulsive reaction.

Gain in confidence and self-assurance: Having a clear, calm mind from meditation has a profound effect on your level of confidence. When you have your thoughts together, life feels together. And when life feels together, you feel confident!

Increased awareness: When you’ve got less “stuff” filling your mind, then there’s naturally more room for new ideas, creativity, dreams, and awareness of the present moment. Meditation can broaden your perspective and have you more attentive and aware of your surroundings, which is great for picking up the unnoticed details that make up life.

Increase in productivity: Naturally, if you’ve got more available thought-power, you’ll likely have a greater capacity to get things done. Meditation can assist you in effective prioritisation of your dreaded “to-do” list, so you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done, rather than what should be done – a much more productive way of living.

Meditate for Mental Health’s Sake

How can you expect to access your true inner brilliance if it’s constantly bombarded by a mess bouncing around inside your head? The profound effects of a 15 minute meditation practice will improve your quality of life, especially if it’s used consistently and habitually as part of your morning routine. Your time in meditative silence will help you gain perspective of what’s truly important in the moment, and prioritise your time according to thoughts of success rather than mayhem.