Convenience for All – The family

It’s hard enough to put healthy meals on the table three times a day, let alone when you’re on a family outing. Whether you’re at a sports game, on the playground, or exploring the many wonders of the great outdoors, Ionutrition makes it easy to share simple and nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy. All of our meals are freshly prepared for you, using 100% natural and organic ingredients. While other pre-packed options contain ingredients that have the potential to be harmful to your family, our culinary experts have designed well-balanced meals and portions that offer optimal nutrition and have:

• No preservatives

• No additives

• No dairy

• No gluten

• No GMOs

• No hormones

• No added sugar

• No soy

The result is high-quality nutrient-dense meals, with only 6-12g of fat per portion. These ultra-portable meals also have the perfect balance of variety and simplicity so that there are delicious options for the whole family. A Healthy Choice That Saves You Time (And Money) The fast pace of life these days means it’s often hard to come up with meals that are easy to make and satisfy everyone. Plus the time spent shopping for healthy, organic ingredients and making something that you can take on outdoor trips could often be better spent connecting with your family. Ionutrition gives you a fast and simple way to take a healthy, packed meal with you wherever you go. Gather your family around to choose delicious meals from our menu, select the days you want them delivered and we’ll bring them to you fresh from our kitchen. We’ve designed this system to be a breath of fresh air for people looking for a healthier, balanced lifestyle. The time you would have spent agonizing over what to make, and the money you would have spent buying a ready-made option that may have unhealthy ingredients hidden in it, is suddenly freed up for more important things. So you can savor each moment with your family and share nourishing meals in the great outdoors. Fresh and Eco-Friendly Our meals are made fresh and refrigerated but never frozen, so your whole family enjoys optimal nutrition from the whole and natural ingredients we use. Our team of experts has also carefully selected eco-friendly packaging that makes them perfect for eating outdoors or anywhere else. With free delivery, ongoing meal plans and an a la carte menu, there’s flexibility to pick and choose options so that you can cater for all your outdoor trips and family plans.

This convenient system is ideal for busy lifestyles and healthy eating for the whole family – and it means you can enjoy your days off with the family and never have to worry about making or finding a healthy meal. They’re more affordable than many other ready-made options, easy to store and pack for a trip into nature, and give you fuel to nourish your body, mind and soul. By choosing Ionutrition meals, you can look after yourself and your family when you’re outdoors, indoors or anywhere else.