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What is IONutrition?

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  • Easy, organic, low fat meals made from natural ingredients by our culinary experts
  • Prepared and delivered fresh in our sealed eco-friendly packaging, never frozen
  • No dairy, gluten, hormones, preservatives, soy or added sugar


  • Treat yourself to great nutrition, and enjoy it too!
  • Nutrient-dense options for your body and mind
  • Sustainable high protein, limited carbohydrate, low fat recipes


  • FREE delivery
  • Delicious healthy meals ready to eat at home or on the go
  • Receive healthy prepared meals at your doorstep—fresh, portable, and 100% natural
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    Gluten-free Meal Delivery by Ionutrition

    The most health conscious people know that food serves a purpose beyond taste. Clearly taste is important, but our food should taste good and help us accomplish our goals. IONutrition is here to help all of those who want, or need, to go gluten-free accomplish their goal. All of our delivery meals are gluten-free so it is just one less thing you have to worry about during the day.

    Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other carbohydrates. Gluten is what gives bread its soft, spongy texture. People who have Celiac disease are allergic to gluten and cannot consume most carbs made out of grains because of it. Others simply want to avoid gluten. IONutrition’s gluten free meal delivery service simplifies what used to be a complicated diet by preparing your meals for you and delivering them to your front door.

    Every IONutrition meal is:

    • Organic, Cage Free, Grass Fed, And Wild Caught
    • Fresh, Never Frozen
    • Free Of Any And All Gluten

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    Gluten is in so much of the day-to-day foods we consume. We make eating gluten-free as easy as possible by taking all of the work out of meal planning and preparation. Our food is always:

    • Delicious
    • Contains Cruelty Free Protein
    • Fresh
    • Nutrient Dense
    • Gluten-free
    • Low In Fat
    • Free Of Dairy
    • Prepared To Help You Accomplish Your Health Goals

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    Ionutrition Meals

    No matter your reason for avoiding gluten, IONutrition has your back. All of our meals are gluten-free so choose your meals according to what tastes good and stop worrying about whether your meals have gluten in them.

    Our meals are diverse and their ingredients are varied, which allows for a nutrient dense meal every single time. These vitamins and minerals make every calorie count and can help propel you throughout the rest of your day.

    Dairy Free
    One thing many do not know about dairy is that it contains excess sugar. Lactose, found in dairy products, is a sugar that adds unnecessary calories to your food. That’s why our protein comes from beans, whole carbs and ethical meat sources instead of dairy.

    Eating healthy shouldn’t shouldn’t break the bank. And at IONutrition, we make sure that our gluten-free meal delivery plans keep your bank account intact.

    Fits Your Lifestyle
    Are you an athlete? How about just athletic? Do you work a desk job and just need help eating well? No matter your lifestyle, IONutrition’s meal plans can help meet your nutritional needs.

    Convenient Delivery
    Just order from a variety of delicious meals and enjoy the benefits of our gluten-free meal delivery service as we bring our always-fresh meals directly to your front door. We take all of the thinking and planning out or gluten-free meal preparation.

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    Pick a Plan

    ION Original

    Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
    Convenient and healthy, our ION Original plan is a great place to start. It features plenty of nutrient dense vegetables and high quality animal protein once per day.


    ION Protein +
    Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
    Built for high performance, our ION Protein + plan has high quality animal protein in every entree. You’ll also be treated to hearty grains and fresh veggies.


    ION Paleo
    Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
    Low in carbs and high in protein, our ION Paleo plan comes with delicious organic vegetables and without grains or legumes.


    *Prices are estimated per meal

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    About Ionutrition

    IONutrition makes gluten-free eating easy and delicious with our meal delivery system. Gone are the days of researching every product to see if any of its individual ingredients contained gluten in them. With IONutrition, every single meal is totally gluten-free. You don’t have to worry about it at all. Instead you just need to focus on your protein requirements and taste preferences instead.

    Get The Nutrition You Need
    Our gluten-free meal delivery service removes the need to take gluten into consideration when you're planning your meals. Instead, you can ask yourself whether you’re looking for more paleo friendly meals or protein packed meals or something else. IONutrition offers both options and many other fresh food options for your eating pleasure.

    Focus on other aspects of your food that you find important and let us at IONutrition worry about preparing gluten free meals. We deliver the meals you want direct to your front door to make healthy eating as easy as possible.

    Our food will help you eat with a purpose because it’s always:
    Fresh And Never Frozen
    Dense With Nutrients To Give Your Body The Fuel It Needs
    Delivered At Your Doorstep For Maximum Ease
    Organic And Healthy

    Food should be enjoyable but many times, when we try to eat healthy, we make it complicated. IONutrition takes the complications out of our food and delivers meals with a purpose straight to your home or office. Now our delivery system lets you enjoy gluten-free meals without all of the hassle of meal planning and preparation. On top of that, our meals still taste great.

All our meals are delivered:

  • Organic, fresh, nutrient-dense and 100% natural
  • Dairy, gluten, GMO and hormone FREE
  • Anywhere you are