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    IONutrition's Low Carb Meal Plan Delivery

    No matter what your health goals are, we provide customized meal plans with low carb meals delivered to meet your needs. Whether you are focused on:

    • Losing weight
    • Increasing Muscle definition
    • Getting your blood sugar levels down
    • Eating healthier

    Reducing your carbohydrate intake and sticking to a more natural, whole foods based meal plan can be the way to get there. However, we understand that managing an active lifestyle and having the time to plan and prepare healthy, nutritious, meals is not easy.

    This is where IONutrition’s low carb meal delivery service comes in.

    Our ready-to-eat low carb meals are prepared from natural and organic products, with no dairy and no gluten. Your meal plan is guaranteed to be fresh and nutritious to ensure your body is healthy and well fueled.

    Our team of experts will help you avoid common carb pitfalls by excluding low carb, high nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, beans, and legumes. (Did you know: legumes, though considered high in protein, actually acquire about 74% of their calorie count from carbohydrates?).

    We deliver balanced, diverse and nutrient-dense low carb meals that provide your body with the quality nutrients and nourishment it needs.

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    Keto, Atkins, Paleo, South Beach and ITG are just a few of the low carb diets buzzing around us. Boasted by slogans like “all the fat you can eat” and “no calorie restriction” or else immediately dismissed through fear of the potential disasters of a carb free diet.

    But what REALLY is a low carb meal plan?

    While the common western (“normal”) diet relies on carbs as the body’s main fuel source, the essential part of a healthy and nutritious low carb meal plan is teaching your body to use fat as it’s readily available energy source.

    By planning your diet to contain meals with significantly less carbs, you teach your body to use fat for fuel. Fat is then converted into fatty acids and ketone bodies, which replaces glucose (carbohydrates after being processed in the body) as an energy source.

    This state is known as Ketosis: a continuous state where your body converts fat into energy.

    Yes. Exactly as it sounds: EAT FEWER CARBS => CONVERT FAT INTO ENERGY.

    Bear in mind, this should not be confused with how many calories your meals contain. Calories are available in almost everything we eat and drink. So reducing carbs doesn't necessarily mean cutting calories, but rather reducing the amount (grams) of carbs consumed in the foods you eat. Here is a list of grams of carbohydrates in your foods to get you started.

    Now, you might be thinking “How can I remove carbs altogether?! They are everywhere!”

    Low carb doesn’t mean no carb. It simply means consciously reducing the amount of carbs on your daily menu (pasta, sugar, bread, grains, etc.), bringing your daily intake beneath 75 grams.

    IONutrition low carb meal options provide an easy low carb food delivery solution to the carb restrictions that are right for your health goals and lifestyle.

    Worried that such a meal plan might be too much?
    Bothered by questions like:
    • What’s breakfast without bread?
    • What’s dinner without pasta?
    • What is there left to eat?

    Let’s talk about the foods that made the cut in this meal plan

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    Since a low carb meal is not about counting or restricting calories, this frees you up to deal with what‘s really important: EATING GOOD & NUTRITIOUS FOOD.

    The ingredients included in low carb meal plans are meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats and oils; with fats becoming the new star of your eating plans.

    A typical IONutrition low carb meal is comprised of lean animal protein (meat, poultry, fish, eggs), healthy fats and oils (coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc.), and vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, avocados, etc.).

    Keep in mind that most vegetables do contain at least a small amount of carbs. If you are trying to figure out how many carbohydrates you are eating per day, that should be factored into your daily count.

    For instance, while spinach only holds about 1 gram of carbs for every 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and can be eaten more freely, tomatoes and red peppers are relatively higher on their carb reserves (3 grams and 4 grams for every 100 grams).

    Vegetables can be tricky that way. While you might consider garlic, onions and beetroot to be diet material, these are actually quite high in their carbohydrate load, and should be consumed mindfully.
    Russet potatoes and sweet potatoes are another good example. These below-ground vegetables hold 15 and 17 grams of carbs for every 100 grams you eat.

    A good rule of thumb when it comes to veggies is:
    If it grows above ground - it is low in carbs and should be the focus of your meal plan.
    If it grows below ground - it is higher in carbs and should be mostly avoided.

    When it comes to what you can drink - water, coffee, and tea are all included (note that sugar is not accepted, however you may use a small amount of Stevia as an alternative). Soft drinks and fruit juice should be avoided, as they are loaded with unnecessary sugars and carbohydrates.

    Snacking is also allowed (and even recommended). Half of a seasoned avocado (a sprinkle of sea salt and ground black pepper) or a handful of almonds can serve you well as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Not to mention a couple squares of dark chocolate (70% or higher cacao; be sure to look for brands without soy lecithin) can be your solution for a day’s dessert.

    You can consult this list of zero carb foods for more information on which specific foods have zero or almost zero grams of carbohydrates.

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    By now you might be wondering whether the “Paleo” diet (as in, going Paleolithic on your meal plan) has gone out of style?

    The truth is that reducing carbohydrates is not an easy feat. The first couple of weeks are hard. Your body is changing the way in which it produces energy. This means cutting out sugar – and we know that giving up sweets is never easy, especially if you tend to have a sweet tooth.

    Occasional headaches, irritability and fatigue are to be expected, most of which are manageable by hydrating and ensuring your body is getting enough Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium to replenish your electrolytes.

    However, this all pays off incredibly fast.

    Studies have found that, when compared with eating healthy on the popular low-fat diet, a low carb meal plan is far more beneficial in inducing and sustaining weight loss (up to twice as much as a low fat diet). It is also significantly better at lowering blood sugar, adjusting your cholesterol levels, and improving insulin sensitivity.

    These positive effects are experienced within the first few weeks after fully incorporating a low carb meal plan into your lifestyle. An added benefit? this does not require calorie restriction.

    With our low carb delivery meals, you can expect to eat healthy, real, whole foods, avoid feeling hungry often, and experience reduced food cravings, higher weight loss, more mental alertness/clarity, and even experience better sleep.

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    A low carb meal plan can be adjusted to fit various health goals. How restricted the amount of carbohydrates you consume per day should be in line with your meal planning goals. For example:

    Are you worried about excess weight you’ve gained?
    > Consider customizing an IONutrition ‘bulk’ meal plan that contains below 30 grams of carbs per day.

    Is your blood sugar or blood pressure high and you want to live medication free?
    > Consult your physician on how a low carb meal plan can be beneficial for you.

    Do you consider yourself healthy and active, but want to live an overall healthier lifestyle?
    > Try our standard (75 grams per day) low carb meal plan.

    No matter what your health goal may be, IONutrition low carb delivery plan offers the low carb meal plan to achieve it.
    Our meals exclude GMOs, processed foods, gluten and lectins, to ensure your body is getting (and absorbing) optimal nourishment and nutrients it needs.

All our meals are delivered:

  • Organic, fresh, nutrient-dense and 100% natural
  • Dairy, gluten, GMO and hormone FREE
  • Anywhere you are