*’ONTRACK16‘ promotion is a 5 week meal plan.  A minimum of  5 weeks (5 deliveries) must be completed to receive Garmin Vivofit® 2.  Applicable meal plans must contain 2 (or more meals) per day, and 7 days per week must be selected for 5 consecutive deliveries in order to take advantage of this offer. Free Packit Freezable lunchbag, and snacks will be delivered along with the 3rd week of the promotion.  25% discount on the first week (1st delivery) will be granted immediately upon use of promo code “ONTRACK16, but forfeited if the subscriber/ purchaser cancels his or her meal plan before week 2 (2 deliveries) are completed.  Subscriber/ purchaser may pause (skip weekly delivery(s)) for up to 2 consecutive weeks.  Pausing meal plan for more the 2 consecutive weeks prior to week 3 (3rd delivery) will result in forfeiture of free Packit Freezable lunchbag, free snacks, and Garmin Vivofit® 2.  Pausing meal plan for more the 2 consecutive weeks prior to week 5 (5th delivery) will result in forfeiture of free Garmin Vivofit® 2.  Maximum of 1 Packit Freezable lunchbag and  1 Garmin Vivofit® can be received per subscriber/ purchaser of legible 7-day meal plan.  If the promo code “ONTRACK16” is used with the purchase of an inelgible meal plan, the purchaser will sreceive the immediate discount of 25% on week one (forfeited if meal plan is canceled before week 2 (2nd delivery), but will not receive free Packit Freezable lunchbag, free snacks, or Garmin Vivofit® 2.