-Tamra Dae

Freshly Prepared, Organic meals for active lifestyles.

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    The most convenient way to eat healthy in America

    IONutrition is a fully organic, freshly prepared meal delivery service.

    Meals plans are prepared fresh, from scratch every week with the ideal macro nutrient profiles, and delivered to you fresh in sealed, refrigerated containers

    Great quality food also means great taste! We believe that great nutrition should be accessible and delicious! Every week, our team of culinary experts carefully create a menu with tantalizing tastes from all around the world.

    Find the meal plan that works for you, select 1, 2 or 3 meals/ day, take delivery, and enjoy!

    Looking for something more customized? No problem! Just call or email us with your requirements.

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    From Tamra

    "As a fitness model and entrepreneur I travel often and am always running from one place to another. With IONutrition delivery service I am able to grab my meal, heat it up and go! I don't have to think about cooking or eating something unhealthy from a drive-thru. Eating well balanced meals at the proper time throughout my day has been the key to maintaining my physical and emotional health and well-being. I am so thankful to partner with such a great company like IONutrition."

    - Tamra Dae

    To perform at your best, your body and mind need the best fuel.

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    Great Nutrition means great performance

    Our philosophy is very simple. High quality ingredients in balanced, nutrient packed meals makes for high quality fuel for the body and mind.

    - High Protein content, high micro-nutritent density

    -Glutten free, dairy free, low fat

    -Nutrient dense meals means giving your body more fuel with fewer calories needed

    - We focus on foods that are filling and convert efficiently to usable energy for the body

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    we serve delcious meals


    There is absolutely no reason why eating healthy can't be enjoyable. We don't just cook with great quality ingredients. We prepare great meals. Every week, our team of culinary experts carefully create a menu with tantalizing tastes from all around the world. IONutrition use natural ingredients to create meals are packed full of rich flavors.

    We don't want our customers to be bored with their diet either! That's our menu is on an 8 week rotation. During this time, we are constantly developing new recipes and exploring new techniques. This means that while certain items are staples at IONutrition, you can expect a brand new each and every week, year round.

    Do you have special dietary requirements? No problem! Give us a call and we will create a meal plan that is suited to your needs. whether you have weight loss goals, or you are an athlete in training, IONutrition can provide great quality fuel.