Terms of Service

I understand and agree that when I submit an order through wwwionutrition.com, www.orders.freshnlean.com, one of Fresh n’ lean’s affiliated website, and/ or become a Fresh n’ Lean member, the billing method I provide will be charged as follows:

If I placed an “a la carte” order, I understand and authorize Fresh n’ Lean (or its parent company) to charge the credit card I provided the applicable total for a one-time order in the amount of the total “A la Carte” Cost.

If I place an “Meal Plan” subscription order, I understand that meal plans are a weekly delivery as stated on the orange “meal plan” button I clicked when placing my order. I understand and authorize Fresh n’ Lean (or its parent company) to charge the credit card I provided for each delivery I receive. Meal plan will automatically renew every week until I cancel my service. I understand and authorize the credit card I provide to be charged the applicable total for my order prior to my initial meal delivery, and once per week thereafter prior to delivery.

Customization of Meal Plans: I understand and agree that while I can request customizations to my meal plan beyond the options provided on orders.freshnlean.com (order page), not all customization requests can be accommodated. Fresh n’ Lean can accommodate requests to omit of up to three (3) ingredients (with some restrictions) of my choosing however I understand that requesting any modification to my meal plan can result in duplicate meals with every delivery, and that my meal plan will no longer follow Fresh n’ Lean’s menu. I further understand that certain ingredients cannot be excluded from my meal plan. Ingredients: Onion, garlic, and carrot cannot be omitted from my meal plan, and I understand refunds will not be issued for the reason of an incorrect/ inaccurate delivery if I request to remove any of the aforementioned ingredients from my meal plan. Fresh n’ Lean reserves the right to change the list of ingredients which cannot be omitted form meal plans at any time without prior warning.

Shipping/ deliveries: I understand and acknowledge that my order with Fresh n’ Lean will be shipped and delivered to me via FedEx, UPS or another 3rd party shipping service. All orders are delivered on a ‘shipper release’ basis with no signature required unless I make a specific request for a ‘signature required’ delivery. Further, I understand that my meal plan order (weekly subscription delivery) will be scheduled for Friday deliveries (with approximately 48 hours of transit time), and that ‘A la Carte’ orders (one time delivery) will be scheduled for delivery 3-5 business days after I place my order. Delivery schedules can be altered upon specific request to Fresh n’ Lean customer service. In the Event of a order processing/ or shipping delay, my order may be delivered on Saturday with notification from Fresh n’ Lean. If a meal plan package is misplaced or delayed, and the transit time allowed by Fresh n lean, arrangements will be made for a replacement package to be shipped. Modification to my delivery schedule may result in additional shipping charges.

Meal Plan Cancelation/ Pauses: I understand that “Meal plans” are a weekly automatically reoccurring service, however I may cancel or temporarily suspend my enrollment any time except for the first and initial order, by calling 1-888 528 2852. There is a cancelation deadline of Monday 12:00 pm/ noon PST to cancel the current week’s delivery (typically scheduled for Fridays). However, if a cancellation or suspension request is made after Monday 12:00/noon PST, it will not apply until the following week, and the current week’s “Meal Plan” order will be processed and shipped to me.

Returns: All sales are final. I understand that any meals or other products purchased through/ form Fresh n’ Lean online or over the phone, any of Fresh n’ Lean’s partners or affiliates are often perishable food items and can not be returned to sender for a refund.


IMPORTANT HEALTH INFORMATION: If you have any food allergies or special requests, please first email us at info@freshnlean.com

Promotions and promo Codes: If I subscribe to a weekly a meal plan or purchase ‘A la Carte’ meals using a promo code, I understand that it is my responsibility to read the terms and conditions of the promotion as advertised by Fresh n’ Lean/ IONutrition, or inquire with Fresh n’ Lean/ IONutrition about the terms and conditions associated with the promotion I am signing up for.

Understand the promotion you sign up for!

Fresh n’ Lean and IONutrition promotions are advertised with simple terms and conditions however, promo codes are often shared on blogs, message boards, and third party sites without permission and/ or any explanation of the promotion.

For example, Promo code ‘Save50′; is a promotion advertised as 50% off week one (1) of a four (4) week meal plan program. Customers must complete all 4 four weeks for the discount to apply, or they will be responsible for the full price of week one (1).

How Promotions/ discounts are effected by Meal Plan Subscription Cancelations: Canceling a meal plan subscription will result in the loss/ forfeiture of and promotional discounts and offers granted at the time of sign up for said meal plan. Customers may pause deliveries for up to three (3) consecutive weeks and retain discounts/ promotional offers, however pauses beyond three (3) consecutive weeks constitute a meal plan cancellation.

If you have any questions on Fresh n’ Lean/ IONutrition Promotions, or any questions about your order, please call (888) 528-2852 or email info@freshnlean.com